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Time for a cool change

The beer and wine are warm, the chicken is defrosted, the lettuce is frozen, the ice-cream is soupy, and it’s warm canned meals for dinner again. This is not the way to spend a safe, enjoyable time at sea.

The single most basic fact about marine refrigeration is that it improves your quality of life aboard, and as a lifeline for all perishable food items, refrigeration is also one of the most important systems on your boat. Quality marine refrigeration means better, safer diets and the joy of cooking tasty, nutritious meals on board.

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Marine Refrigeration Isn’t Just One Thing; It’s a System

Marine refrigerators operate under tough conditions: they must withstand violent movements, operate in hot environments, be thoroughly reliable, take up little space, and perhaps most importantly, consume the minimum of battery power.

Adding or upgrading the refrigeration for your boat isn’t about going out to a shop, buying a fridge you like and then getting it delivered. Marine refrigeration is a complete system and everything has to work, together. For your boat fridge to operate safely and reliably you need to work with qualified refrigeration engineers. For the marine refrigeration Auckland boaties have trusted for over 30 years call Ocean Air Refrigeration on 021 537 731.

On every boat space is at a premium. The size, location and construction of your refrigeration unit as well as where you’ll install the compressor must be considered.

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A Solution that Works for You

Where can you fit a fridge without losing precious space? Because our refrigeration systems are custom built, we can install them in some places you may not have considered: under beds, in couches, in lockers, under steps – you name it. Whatever the size or space available at Ocean Air we’ll customise to find a solution that works for you.

We’re not comfortable until you are. For innovative, reliable marine refrigeration Auckland boat owners trust with their health and well-being call 021 537 731.

Refrigeration units can be air cooled or water cooled. How will you power and supply the fridge on your boat? Ensure having refrigeration on your boat is pleasant as opposed to frustrating. Get expert answers from New Zealand refrigeration engineers.

So you can be confident your refrigeration system lasts and does the job you need it to do, when you need it to, at Ocean Air Refrigeration we only ever use high quality, custom-built stainless steel cabinets and the highest quality refrigeration components.

Make the Most of Your Time Out

Solid, reliable refrigeration changes lives and makes boating more fun. Why eat out of cans and drink warm wine or beer? You don’t do that at home so why do it at sea?

Ocean Air Refrigeration has the City of Sails covered. From Pine Harbour and Half Moon Bay to Auckland’s Orakei, OBC, Westhaven, Bayswater, West Park and Gulf Harbour on Whangaparaoa Peninsula in North Auckland we provide innovative tailor-made marine refrigeration and air conditioning Auckland boat owners and sailors rely on. Call Ocean Air Refrigeration today on 021 537 731.

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